Mobile CRM: the future of field sales

Mobile CRM: why it's the future of sales

Corentin Malissin
January 17, 2022 - 4 min reading
Updated December 11, 2023

Why do you think software publishers are racking their brains to develop mobile CRM? A desktop-only solution is simpler to implement, and causes less headaches for product and technical teams...

As we often say, starting from the field means using an application designed primarily for the mobile. A field salesperson no longer has to waste time, leaning against his car in a sumptuous setting called a "parking lot", entering data on his laptop...

M‍unfortunately, too many sector managers are still equipped with CRMs that are only accessible on the desktop, and on-premise. To make a success of your CRM implementation and ensure that your sales reps will use it, you need to rethink its adoption: a more fexible solution, SaaS, easy to use and think for those who use it every day, and therefore mobile!

The mobile is mobility's best friend (in fact, the two words are quite similar). All your data available in just a few taps (we no longer say "clicks"), captured at any given moment and accessible to the entire sales force: what was just a fantasy yesterday is a reality... today!

What are we talking about when we talk about mobile CRM?

A Mobile CRM is a CRM that can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet. It is an extension of traditional CRM, accessible only on a computer.

The functionalities are the same as on the web applications. Having access to the solution on your mobile nevertheless adapts to your sales reps' needs in the field and responds to mobile situations:

  • Anywhere, anytime access: Users can access customer data, interaction histories, and business analytics in real time, wherever they are.
  • Real-time synchronization: information is updated instantly on all devices, providing a consistent, up-to-date view of customer data.
  • Contact and lead management: Enables efficient tracking of customer information, prospects, and sales opportunities.
  • Scheduling and tracking activities: salespeople can schedule and track appointments, calls and tasks directly from their mobile device.
  • Reporting and analysis: Access to analysis and reporting tools for decision-making based on up-to-date data.
  • Integration with social networks and communication tools: Facilitates interaction with customers via various channels integrated into the application.
  • Sales and pipeline management: Real-time monitoring of sales status and the progress of sales opportunities.

The benefits of Mobile CRM for sales forces

CRM systems available on cell phones or tablets offer a host of advantages for field sales staff. Accessible from any location, they promote mobility and flexibility for users on the move, such as GMS sales forces.

Get rid of the "gas factory" CRMs

Mobile means light. Technological constraints are actually a professional's best friend: they force you to focus on the essentials.

The result: solutions that are easy to use and adapted to the day-to-day needs of sales staff. There's no question of weighing down a solution by integrating a maximum number of functions. In design, we call this less is more.

Limitations have provided a unique opportunity to simplify things. Simplification also means lower costs: you pay for the essentials at the right price, the one that corresponds to your real needs.

Easy implementation

Equip your sales force with tools they can actually use...

A lot of unsuitable functionality means a lot of work. As a result, your sales force may simply choose not to use CRM. Too complicated, incompatible with my work logic, incompatible with the human aspect of the sales profession...

Mobile CRM avoids such pitfalls: almost everyone uses their cell phone, and for longer and longer! This new life companion will more easily become anchored in the habits of your sales force. It's more user-friendly than its web sidekick: on mobile, the user interface is simplified and adapted to touch screens for fast, intuitive use.

Instead of thinking: "I'm going to have to do this again" after a long day of prospecting, your salesperson will develop new, simple and effective sales reflexes, all at the time of each action.

A kind of direct sales of commercial actions to the input!

Greater adaptability in the field

An area manager, on his sales rounds, sometimes has to juggle a busy and changing schedule. Thanks to mobile CRM, he can organize and adjust his appointments in real time, plan store visits, and even receive notifications of meeting reminders.

A mobile-accessible CRM integrates more easily with third-party applications, social networks and communication tools, helping to meet the mobile needs of area managers.

What's more, in the field, rapid access to customer information is crucial. With a mobile CRM, the area manager can consult the history of interactions, previous orders, customer preferences and feedback, directly before or during a meeting, enabling a more personalized and informed approach. He can also base his sales pitch on up-to-date data.

It enables instantaneous updating of information in the field, improving responsiveness and efficiency.

Prevent loss of business and strategic information

Before, a salesperson had to enter all his information asynchronously: after the appointment, once a wifi connection was available. He was blinded when he missed information in the middle of a meeting. Between messaging, documents and other sales follow-up functions, nothing was at hand.

Mobile CRM has revolutionized sales in all these respects, saving a great deal of time for both sales reps and their contacts. Now, during visits, field sales staff can immediately enter their observations, customer feedback and other relevant data into the CRM application. This ensures that information is recorded accurately and on time, facilitating follow-up and future action.

Improve collaboration

Mobile CRM makes it easy for team members to share information, even from a distance. If an area manager discovers important information in the field, he or she can share it instantly with colleagues, improving collaboration and collective decision-making.

A CRM that revolutionizes sales follow-up

For the monitoring of commercial efficiency, it is a godsend. Efforts are redirected to the most profitable points of sale, and the intelligence of the data allows you to change the way you look at your actions and gain in efficiency. All this without putting pressure on the teams: the objective is not to push for productivity.

Quite the opposite: you identify the most tedious tasks, those that bring little return or lead to a waste of time. As you do so, you realize that they need to be reduced, or even eliminated. This freed-up time will enable you to organize yourself more effectively and move from quantity to quality. Doing quality work is more rewarding and generally leads to better results. Seen like that, it changes everything!

Mobile CRM or traditional CRM?

Well, both, Captain!

We believe that CRM must above all be multi-support. It's important to have a CRM accessible on mobile applications, just as it's important to have access to your CRM from the Web.

This multi-platform approach enables each user to select the environment best suited to his or her task: a large screen for in-depth data analysis or a mobile device for reactivity in the field (updating reports, taking voice notes, photos, carrying out surveys, etc.).

The choice of a CRM must include :

  • Real-time synchronization: changes made on the mobile app are instantly reflected on the web version, ensuring consistent information for all users, at all times.
  • Delayed synchronization: in areas without an Internet connection, sales staff can continue to work offline. As soon as a connection is re-established, all actions carried out are synchronized and become visible to all, on all platforms.

By combining the advantages of both platforms, you ensure a seamless user experience and continuity of operations. This hybrid approach improves responsiveness, customer satisfaction and sales force productivity, while optimizing sales results.

In a nutshell: why you can't do without mobile CRM

The world is adapting to new uses and is becoming increasingly mobile. Whether it is teleworking or new sales opportunities, the possibilities are endless. They benefit both field sales people and sales managers.

Real-time collaboration with your entire sales force is another important advantage.

Last but not least, its ease of use will convince even the most reluctant of sales reps to use a CRM. What if mobile CRM became a sales essential for everyone? At Sidely, we're convinced that mobile CRM isn't the future of sales: it's already revolutionizing it!

Sidely is the simple, mobile, implementation-free CRM/SFA that helps field sales people be more effective and fulfilled in their work. It helps management grow their brand or agency faster.

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