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Easily set up and manage your CRM

Sidely is designed to simplify the day-to-day work of sales managers and sales forces. Our CRM software stands out for its ease of use and administration, and its adaptability to field requirements.

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No need for computer skills

Forget about IT complexity and difficulties, and concentrate on what really matters: your business. Sidely adapts and customizes to your requirements without having to call on your IT department.

Goodbye technical obstacles

Want to create custom forms? Use our no-code editor!

Want to create custom reports? Use our drag and drop report creator.

Want to export your dashboards? A simple copy/paste does the trick.

Would you like to create customized forms?

Would you like to create customized reports?

Would you like to export your dashboards?

Use our no-code editor!

Use our drag-and-drop report creator.

A simple copy/paste does the trick.

No implementation time or cost

Our cloud-hosted SaaS CRM lets you open a customer account quickly (less than a minute), with no implementation costs. Set-up is fast, and our no-code CRM is easy to use. No web-based installation or updates required.

An easy-to-use mobile and web CRM

Sidely is designed to deliver the agility and simplicity you (and your sales force) need. Our sfa crm is available on web, tablet and mobile (Android/IOS/Windows), works with or without an internet connection, and synchronizes automatically.

You 're in control of your data and CRM

Don't ask your IT department to do the things you want to do yourself. With Sidely, take back control of your sales software and be autonomous in the management of your CRM tool.

Manage your users

User management is easy: add and delete users in just two clicks. Creating an account takes about a minute.

Import all your data

Use our import module to import your customer, store, product, assortment, order and checkout databases.

Export your data

At Sidely, you own your data. You can export them at any time, with no strings attached.

Secure your information

Control and personalize access to your sensitive data, by assigning specific rights and roles to each user.

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Sidely integrates with all software

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Centralize your data and business tools in one place with Sidely. Take advantage of our native integrations or use our open, documented API to integrate with any business solution: ERP, Email, Calendar, Power BI tools...
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Outlook Cal.

Continuous and customized training

Benefit from personalized training by our experts, as well as all our resources to help you improve over time: videos, monthly webinars, tutorials, articles, white papers, etc.

Ultra-reactive customer support in French

Benefit from daily support. Get answers in just a few minutes on our web or mobile application, thanks to our chat.

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Data centralization

Saves planning time

Tour planning

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Promotions management

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Sales management

Frequently asked questions about CRM management

How can I customize my CRM to meet my company's specific needs?

To customize your CRM solution to meet your company's specific needs, we recommend (1) customizing your contact and company fields and tags, (2) parameterizing your assortments and data, (3) adapting your statements if you track company-specific metrics, (4) integrating your third-party tools to standardize your sales management, and (5) training your users.

How can I import and export data in CRM?

To import your data into Sidely, you have two options: via our import module, from a CSV file, or via the Sidely LeadGen. To export your crm data, select the data you wish to retrieve and click on the export button. Your data will be downloaded in a CSV file.

How do you set up a CRM?

To implement a CRM, follow these steps: (1) Define your goals and needs, (2) Evaluate the CRM options available, (3) Consider possible integrations, (4) Plan the implementation, (5) Import your data, (6) Configure and customize your CRM, (7) Train your teams, (8) Deploy and adopt. If you'd like more advice, read our article on how to set up a CRM.

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