Grain de Sail

Roaster and chocolatier

Distribution network



Greater West, North, South-West, Ile-de-France

Sales team size

12 field sales representatives, 1 sales manager

Who is grain de Sail?

Grain de Sail is a coffee roaster and chocolatier based in Morlaix, Brittany.

What sets the company apart from its competitors is its decarbonized transport method, using their cargo sailboats, GDS and GDS II. The initial idea was simple but daring: to identify an essential product, harvested on the other side of the world, that the French couldn't give up, but which could be transported in an environmentally-friendly way. The natural choice was coffee and chocolate.

Their environmental commitment is also reflected in the organic certification of all their products, with three core values: taste, sustainability and adventure. Their aim is to make quality organic products accessible to all.

Why did they call on Sidely?

Previously, Grain de Sail's sales tools relied mainly on Excel, a method that became increasingly restrictive as the sales team expanded. Area managers had to constantly access Dropbox to update and retrieve the necessary information, a tedious and impractical process as the number of files and the size of the team grew.

"I immediately saw the advantages of switching to Sidely. In terms of field follow-up, we're moving into another dimension."
‍SébastienGeoffroy, grain de Sail sales manager

Sidely's adoption

To test the effectiveness of Sidely CRM in the field, Grain de Sail has appointed its Brittany representative to test the web and mobile/tablet application free of charge for two weeks.

Following unanimous approval by the sales force, a one-day training session was organized in collaboration with Sidely to maximize the use of the tool, facilitating adoption by the entire sales team.

"The sales staff quickly got to grips with the tool. It's a tool they can't do without, because it meets all the needs they have in the field: from prospecting to sales."
‍SébastienGeoffroy, grain de Sail sales manager

The benefits of Sidely

Free two-week trial, no obligation

Easier follow-up of sales actions in the field.

A single platform for all business activities.

Autonomy of sales representatives in the field

Quick and easy to use

The sales team's use of Sidely

Sector managers use Sidely every day in all the stores they visit. The mobile application enables data to be entered in real time, with or without an internet connection, directly in the store. So, once the visit is over, area managers can move on to the next customer. At the end of the day, they organize the next day's round directly via the application.

What they gain from using Sidely

Significant improvement in the quantity and quality of data collected in the field.

Considerable time savings.

Structuring and strengthening the sales organization.

Thanks to Sidely, the Grain de Sail team now has greater visibility in the field, particularly with regard to the presence of their products in stores.

A telling example concerns a chocolate bar withdrawn from the shelves following a recall due to an ingredient problem. Following this incident, Digital Distribution (DD) dropped significantly. When the product was put back on sale, Grain de Sail had not initially observed that detention continued to fall. Thanks to the adoption of Sidely, the team was able to quickly identify this persistent decline in DN and implemented corrective measures in the field. In less than 15 days, DN returned to its initial level.

"Sidely increases sales, the quality of the process with customers, the quality of the feedback from sales people to me, the quality of what I can bring them... Everything is positive about using Sidely."

‍SébastienGeoffroy, grain de Sail sales manager