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Successful promotions in supermarkets

Find out all our tips and best practices for boosting your promotions and their impact on your supermarket sales.

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What you'll find :

Message, POS, dramatization, sales and negotiation, placement and performance analysis... Once you've read this white paper, you'll know all about best promotional practices!

Plan your promotions efficiently

Promotional campaign objectives, product choice, target definition and audience, quantity adaptation and budget forecasting: Sidely reviews all the key points for a successful promotion.

Create your promotion

Which message to use? Which POS and theatrical displays to choose? What to do with negotiated promotions? With Sidely, create an impactful promotion that will drive your target to buy.

Negotiating and selling your promotion

Learn how to prepare your area managers for negotiation meetings. Find out how to feed back information effectively to them in the field, and how to retrieve and pass on important information.

Monitor promotion results

Finally, track the results of your promotions, as well as those of your competitors. Learn how to analyze the results of sales and promotions, and their medium- and long-term impact on your sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer this training?

Too many of us have discovered retailing on the ground and without training to learn the basics of this very special sector.

Is it really free?

Yes, it is completely free.

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